Gathering String blamed for neglected housework, dead battery, ‘zero work’

Gathering String coverReaders of Mimi Johnson‘s novel, Gathering String, like to blame it for things that happen in their lives.

“My house will probably stay uncleaned this weekend,” Marda Willeman Walters admitted in a Facebook post. The reason: “I’m enjoying ‘Gathering String‘ by Mimi Johnson.”

Elaine Clisham also blamed Gathering String in a tweet for her lack of productivity:

Tiffany Bridge actually blamed the book for her physical discomfort:


What is it about this novel that compels people to such sloth and discomfort? Perhaps “Meg4cy” explains in her 5-star Amazon review, headlined: “Great read with fantastic characters!”

Gathering String weaves an intriguing story that takes readers on a ride through the changing relationship between politics and journalism and the flawed but determined individuals in the middle. Spanning from the vulgar and charged newsrooms of DC to the sleepy small-town Iowa communities, Johnson crafts an intricate and fascinating tale – revealing details of the story layer by layer. While the characters are far from perfect, each has enough charm and appeal to keep you rooting for them while trying to determine your allegiance to “Team Jack” or “Team Sam.” Gathering String was an easy read that will have you trying to piece together the puzzle and thinking of the characters long after you finish.

Novelist Richard Hine praised Gathering String on Twitter:

Four enthusiastic readers praised the book on one Facebook discussion thread:

  • Bryan Cantley: “According to Kindle, I am at 31% and I am really enjoying this book. The plane crash episode was fabulous.”
  • Matt DeRienzo: “I’m about 30% of the way through, too. Really enjoying it.”
  • Kim Johnson: “Loving the book! Just starting Chapter 11.”
  • Marda Willeman Walters: “I just started Chapter 11, too. Wish I still lived in the old house I grew up in so I could go out on the sleeping porch to continue reading!”

If you’d like to join these enthusiastic readers and others who have praised Gathering String, you can buy the book from the Kindle Store for $5.99 (you can read on the Kindle app on an iPad or computer). You can read the prologue free on this site.

But charge your Kindle first. And don’t start it on a weekend when you have important work to do.