‘Thin Blue Smoke’ author calls Gathering String ‘masterfully constructed’

Mimi Johnson’s Gathering String is “an exceptionally well plotted and masterfully constructed story of political and journalistic intrigue,” wrote Doug Worgul, author of Thin Blue Smoke, in an Amazon review.

“With cinematic prose and an insider’s knowledge of journalism, Johnson paints an extraordinarily detailed and realistic picture of the tensions and conflicts inherent in relationships between those who seek to discover the truth and those who would keep it hidden,” Worgul wrote. “However, there are no angels or demons in Johnson’s story. Those who would reveal the truth are not always honorably motivated, and those who seek to suppress it are not always sinister.”

Worgul’s debut novel, like Johnson’s, is averaging nearly five stars in Amazon reviews.

Fans of Gathering String are also sharing the cover of Mimi Johnson’s novel on Pinterest.

Tonya Gentry, Joelle Rider, Trixie Shelfbuzz, Kindle Users Forum and E. Vee Myrberg have pinned the book on their pinboards.

Myrberg, who pinned the book last year during the presidential campaign, wrote:

The author grew up in Southwest Iowa. Her book is quite timely – a thriller about presidential politics and the challenges facing the press in these days of cell phones, Twitter, etc. It is a good read for anyone but readers from Southwest Iowa will also get a kick out of some “Easter


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