Gathering String: ‘This ending was perfect,’ ‘nails’ the sex scenes

Gathering String has 10 five-star reviews on Amazon, two-thirds of all its reviews. The latest review, by “SBurke,” says:

This is such a fun, suspenseful, and entertaining book! … When I finished Gathering String, I found myself disappointed that I had come to the end of the story. But a book’s ending can either make it or break it … and this ending was perfect.

BryanC” also reviewed Gathering String, giving it four stars:

I was moved to buy a Kindle just to read Mimi Johnson’s novel, Gathering String because Kobo/Indigo isn’t yet carrying this title (we already own a Kobo). Glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, especially the twists and turns involving the many interesting, authentic and flawed characters. … This book could also serve as an ethics study in journalism schools because, `tho it is fiction, the heart-wrenching challenges facing the principals mirror real-life in current-day newspaper and online journalism.

Buffy Andrews continued her praise for Gathering String on Twitter last night, bringing some hints from author Mimi Johnson about the sequel she’s working on:






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